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Strategy Practice:
Twin Bridge has a well-defined methodology for the development of IT strategy, which connects business and operational goals to specific IT application, information and infrastructure developments. A key aspect of the methodology is how it is done in conjunction with business and IT leaders, so that it is both feasible and bought-into upon completion of the strategy development.

Architecture Practice:
Architecture is becoming increasingly important for IT developments, both because of technological drivers like Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures, and also because most IT developments today extend outside the range of standalone systems and interact with many other internal and external systems. Twin Bridge's architecture practice helps develop the partitioning of mega - processes/functionality across systems, and the mechanisms of integration/interfacing among the different systems, while addressing the information/data management across the enterprise.

Road Mapping Practice:
Even when both strategy and architecture are well defined, the task of transforming from the existing state to the target state can be both complex and time-consuming (major application transformations - particularly consolidation of disparate environments - are often multi-year processes). Twin Bridge's road mapping practice breaks the complex construct down into its component environments (infrastructure, application, information and process) while paying attention to their interconnects/interdependencies and defines a multi-year plan for evolution in a coordinated manner to the target. This practice also addresses the continuing effective operations during the transition period.

Governance Practice:
Most IT systems today for large to medium size organizations involve multiple interfacing systems, serving multiple customer communities with diverse needs. Thus with a target (architecture) and a plan to reach that target (roadmap), there still needs to be a control mechanism to ensure the effort is on-track and successful. The Twin Bridge governance practice helps design the control mechanism, by developing organizational structures and processes for portfolio management, architecture review, and enhancement management.

IT Organizational Transformation Practice:
A key part of any major IT development is the underlying organization which creates it. As technologies (e.g., SOAs) or structures (e.g., distributed to centralized applications) change, there is often need to change the roles, the structures, the processes and the operating models of the organization which creates, maintains and operates the systems environment. The Twin Bridge IT organizational transformation practice focuses on aligning these items with the organization's technology and service directions, as well as ensuring a smooth organizational transition to the new environment though well-defined organization and process design.


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