Who Are Our Customers

Twin Bridge has had successful engagements with a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, AIG, Merck, Duke University Medical School, Lucent Technologies, Southern California Edison, Becton Dickinson, New Jersey PSEG, US Army Material Command and Schering-Plough

The following short case studies are typical of the issues that have been addressed for some of these companies.

Case Study 1: Strategy
A large healthcare products company was going through a major business model and structure transformation, while in the midst of an SAP implementation. The CIO called in Twin Bridge to help to develop an IT strategy which aligned with and supported the new business direction.

The Twin Bridge methodology was used to identify some major gaps in the IT program, as well as also finding areas where significant investments were being made which no longer had payoff. Working with the IT senior staff and key IT customers/stakeholders, a new strategy based on five key initiatives was developed. The work program generated from these initiatives has formed the backbone of the company's IT development effort.

Case Study 2: Architecture
Due to a highly divisionalized structure and lots of M&A activity, a Fortune 50 consumer goods and healthcare company had grown to have over 100 SAP instances globally, with very little common master data and processes. The CIO of the company had set a goal of consolidating SAP instances to 10. The CTO of the company called in Twin Bridge to help address this problem.

Twin Bridge focused on developing a number of architectural alternatives to be evaluated by various criteria. Additionally Twin Bridge helped design an overall SAP architecture governance structure for the company. The company put in place the architectural governance structure, and then used the Twin Bridge architectural alternative structure to define their consolidation strategy.

Case Study 3: Organizational Transformation
A large west coast power utility company was starting a very large modernization and build out of their outside plant. The CIO wanted to ensure that the IT systems would be adequate to support this effort, and in particular wanted to initiate an ERP effort to strengthen the systems support. The CIO called in Twin Bridge to prepare the IT management team for an ERP implementation, as well as redesign the IT organization to be more customer focused and customer oriented.

Twin Bridge went through extensive effort on ERP readiness for the IT management, in particular orienting them on what a large scale ERP implementation is all about, how it is quite different from the typical efforts they were used to, and pointing out some of the major lessons learned they should bring into their efforts. Additionally Twin Bridge led the definition of a new IT organization structure, including new roles and responsibilities, new deliverables and new processes. The company is now underway with its ERP implementation, and IT has successfully made its organizational transformation.


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