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Twin Bridge Consulting is a woman-owned IT consulting firm, focused on strategy, architecture and planning. Twin Bridge's typical customer is a large company's CIO, CTO or other IT senior executive,who is looking for help on overall strategy and planning for either the entire IT organization or a very large project within the organization.

Twin Bridge's managing partners are former IT executives for Fortune 50 firms. Twin Bridge has been in business in the commercial market since 2000, with multiple successful engagements in healthcare, high tech, financial, and utility industries as well as with major research institutions.

Twin Bridge has designed its practices around a model of IT effort called "the missing middle." The missing middle refers to the set of key technology, planning and organizational decisions that are necessary to transform a high level business goal into an implemented IT project. Twin Bridge's customers have found that the missing middle decisions are crucial in ensuring successful projects which serve their customers needs.

As shown above, there are 5 specific practices which Twin Bridge uses to develop the missing middle solution. Typically customers do not come to Twin Bridge specifically looking for one of these practices, but often they have a general need or concern about their organization or their IT initiatives which one or more of the practices can help resolve.


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